Darlington Public School

A centre for learning, enjoyment and cultural enrichment.

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At Darlington Public School preschool we strive to develop children's sense of belonging by valuing them as individuals within the context of their families, cultures and communities.

Partnerships with families are strongly encouraged within the preschool community as contribution of ideas, culture, knowledge and skills enrich our program, ensuring it represents the children who attend.

Our educators have high expectations of children and strive to build a program which is reflective of all individuals, assisting every child in reaching their potential. We believe all children are capable, creative and involved learners who benefit best from play-based experiences where they are given time to engage in being.

Participation in professional development ensures the maintenance of high-quality teaching and learning. Our staff regularly participate in such learning and development sessions, keeping our knowledge current while continuously improving our practice.

Our program incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and is based on a combination of teacher initiated topics, observations of children and their interests. Teachers are responsive to children's sense of inquiry and provide a stimulating environment where new learning can be facilitated and extended. We recognise children as future citizens who have the agency to make change and work to assist them in becoming confident, socially aware members of our community.